Sunday, August 24, 2014

Put Michael Sam on the Rams' Roster!

This blog has 1,570 page views, so I decided this is the one I should write something on. I just read an article about Michael Sam's performance in the preseason on, and I saw on the bottom of the page a link to information about their "Writer Program." They suggested that if I don't have publishing credits, I should start with a blog for practice. I guess I have technically been published: a few columns for my college newspaper and a few columns and interviews for Vegan Mainstream. I've written blogs off and on. In fact, I just realized I have five blogs on Blogger alone. I imagine I have a few on Wordpress too. Is Tumblr a blog site? I have one of those too.

Also, I've been watching Bored to Death and it's making me wish more than usual that I was a novelist. This same thing happened when I started watching Californication a year or two ago. I ended up writing a few dozen poems. I don't think it inspired any novel or story attempts. It probably did though. I just don't remember.

I've been dreaming more lately. That's good for inspiration. I'll try to turn my recorded dreams into something.