Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oops, I think

Whether or not this is the ideal diet, I could at least do a better job of following it. I re-read both chapters on "slow carb" in Ferriss' Four Hour Body last night and I decided two things: 1) I have strayed too far from the specifics of the diet and 2) this diet can be done by a vegan.

With regard to straying, I am consuming far too many artificial sweeteners. I have been consistently going above Ferriss' recommended 16 oz. of diet sodas' worth. Splenda is bad. Aspartame is bad. I shouldn't be eating them. TF actually seems to suggest that Splenda is worse when it comes to blocking fat-loss than aspartame, but both can have that same effect. If I have nothing to gain from eating this crap, then I shouldn't be doing it. I keep eating these unnaturally sweet things because of cravings, and I realize that has a lot to do with not preparing plenty of diet-friendly, healthy food to eat throughout the day. When I'm scavenging, the first place I head is toward the sweet.

Although exercise is not required on the diet, most of the testimonials from people with long-term success had some sort of exercise regimen. I mentioned early on when I started the diet that I had an exercise routine ready for this month, but I never followed through on it. My only official exercise this month has been walking on most of my breaks at work during the day. But, now that I've developed a certain comfort level with the diet, and I have the energy to be doing a lot more than I'm doing right now, I have decided to toss in serious physical activity. Specifically, I am strongly considering P90X. It seems like an appropriate complement to slow carb. I mean, both are very popular and promise impressive results. Together it must be dynamite, right?

Also, I am starting a meal plan. For now, all I have figured out is breakfast: tofu scramble, black beans, and something green. I will provide my tofu scramble recipe below. I haven't really thought through my bean and vegetable prep very much. This morning I boiled edamame and didn't bother to heat the canned beans. I mixed them together and seasoned them with nothing but garlic salt. I can do better.

Tofu Scramble

  • 1 14-16oz. package (I can never remember which most of them are) of hard/extra firm/super firm/etc. tofu (the firmer it is the easier to cook with and the more protein per ounce)
  • a couple chunks of margarine (I use Earth Balance, and I use it liberally)
  • handful of nutritional yeast
  • 2 tsp garlic powder (I don't actually measure anything for this recipe, so these are all estimates)
  • 1 T parsley flakes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Melt a chunk of margarine in a pan on a burner at medium to medium-high heat
  • Plop tofu hunk onto pan and thoughtlessly break down into small pieces with spatula/spoon
  • This next part takes the longest. You'll want to poke and prod your tofu mush for a good ten minutes or more. Flip it over. Push it around. If it seems like it's about to stick to the pan, throw in some more margarine and/or lower the heat. For me, the more crisp tofu bits and golden-brown sides to my soy specimens the better, so I usually don't stop this part until there's enough water-loss that it becomes annoyingly difficult to avoid stickage.
  • Next I dust the tofu with a hefty helping of nutritional yeast powder, my garlic and parsley, and salt and pepper. Lower the heat and mix the tofu up to make sure you get a decent coating throughout.
  • Eat it.
Servings: 1 (for me, probably more like 4 for normal people)

TF recommends truffle sea salt and tarragon for eggs, so I may try that soon with my tofu. I know Whole Foods has that sea salt, but I'm concerned it might be expensive. If it doesn't seem too exorbitant I'll probably buy some later this week.

And now for the rundown...

June 11
  • tofu scramble
  • Hunt's sugar-free cherry gel
  • mixed nuts: salted peanuts, raw pecans, raw almonds; about a cup in total
  • 8 oz. water
  • 48 oz. Splenda-sweetened tea
  • And this plate to the right: spicy black beans, yummy cubed zucchini, and beet-tahini-sesame seed-romaine lettuce-magic tacos (My friend Lily's uncle made it when I came over Saturday. I think it's part of what inspired me to start cooking more. It made me think, "Oh, that's right. Food should taste good." Because it was amazing. I'll post the beets recipe later if I can.)

June 12
  • tofu scramble, black beans, and edamame
  • 32 oz. of water
  • 36 oz. of Hansen's diet cola
  • 2 cherry gels
  • carrots and hummus

I need to eat better. I need to eat more. Goodnight.

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